Schare — free BT/DC/eD2k seedbox for your releases

31st January 2021 at 9:55pm

I'm offering free BitTorrent/Direct Connect/Edonkey2000 seeding server for the release groups and individuals who upload unique content.
Schare = share with care.

What is this

This is a special file seeding server which shares all uploaded files in 3 major P2P networks: BitTorrent/Direct Connect/Edonkey2000, made for release groups and individuals who rip and encode less-known, not widely available TV shows/movies/animation, dump and/or crack obscure arcade, console or PC games, or otherwise own a unique content worth preserving.
You can use the server to make your data available in P2P networks, the server will keep your files and seed them indefinitely (unless something happens with it).

It's intended to be used by people who are afraid to use BitTorrent due to regulations, by people with slow upload speeds or expensive internet connection, or without dedicated server or desktop to be able seed all the time.

If you upload your releases only to file sharing websites where they could expire or be deleted any time due to DMCA, Schare will make your files available in the most popular P2P networks.

What you get

You get Linux shell with SSH and SFTP and rsync access. You can upload the files over SFTP protocol and manage them using SSH, with the aid of compressing, archiving, hashing and ed2k/DC link generating software.

Please note: this is literally a seed-box. It can't download any data, you'll have to upload it over SFTP yourself.


  • This service is intended to be used only by content releasers, to store and seed your own releases.
  • You must have at least one of your own already uploaded release to apply for the service.
  • Your folder is named with your username and is visible to everyone.
  • All your files are public. This is not a confidential data storage, but a last-measure service to keep your releases available online.
  • The service is hosted on my home server, with a home internet connection. Do not expect blazing fast speed or 99.999% uptime, but do expect long-term availability.
  • Notify me if you're going to use more than 300 GB of storage.

How to apply

You'll need an invite code.
It could be found on several torrent trackers in Schare topic, or it could be requested at

Connect over SSH protocol using any SSH client (e.g. PuTTY for Windows or OpenSSH for Linux/macOS) using the following credentials, and follow the instructions on screen:

Port: 11011
Login: request
Password: request

Connect command for OpenSSH:

ssh -p 11011

Places where Schare serves

28th December 2020 at 10:26pm

Schare seeds all the files on:

1. All major Hubs of Direct Connect (DC) network

And others. File listing is open to everyone. Look for the user with "Schare" nickname.
DC users can find your files using built-in search or a direct link (magnet) which could be generated using provided shell access.

2. The biggest eDonkey2000 server — eMule Security, and on KAD Network

File listing is open to everyone.
ed2k/KAD users can find your files using built-in search or a direct link (ed2k link) which could be generated using provided shell access.

3. Selected BitTorrent public trackers

Due to BitTorrent nature, the files are available only using magnet link or a torrent file.


28th December 2020 at 10:27pm

Full file listing, current BitTorrent uploads and occupied space is available at the following link:

Schare Stats